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26th September

Monthly Internal Digital Competition

Reviewing entries for the digital competition Open - colour or  B/W images

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Image Resizing

Resize Images

Many of you have come across the problem of resizing your Digital images to the correct size for projection.

This is the Information according to the WPF

"Digital Projected Images must be in JPG format with a maximum width of 1400 pixels and a maximum height of 1050 pixels

Images should be no more than 1400 pixels wide or 1050 pixels high saved as a large JPEG no more than 2.2Mb in size.
When sizing an image for projection the only dimensions that matter are the width and height in pixels. Many people feel the need set resolution at 72PPI or 96PPI but Pixels Per Inch (or Centimetre) are only relevant when preparing an image to print.
A 1400 pixel x 1050 pixel image at 300 PPI will project identically to a 1400 pixel x 1050 pixel image at 72 PPI.

The maximum dimensions of submitted files is 1400 pixels horizontal by 1050 pixels vertical.
(Please note: NOT 1400 pixels vertical). 

To some of you this is a difficult task so hopefully by using a Photoshop Action this can be resolved and all images whether they are landscape or portrait format will be the same size for projection either as a club or at competitions.

Russell Brown Original Action

The action below is the original action that resizes your image AND then brands the image with a watermark

The video is here

The actual Action is here

Modified Actions

I have created an action that works in Photoshop but Mine Only resizes the image and sets the maximum dimensions to 1400 pixels horizontal by 1050 pixels vertical.
If you need to download this then please contact the Webmaster and he can provide a link to this for you

How to import the action
A detailed step by step guides (not done by me )can be seen here

Or a detailed section on all parts of using actions in photoshop can be found here

To actually Import this action or any action into photoshop you

Open up Adobe Photoshop.
If the actions panel is not visible, Under the "Window" button, scroll down to Actions and click it. Once you click it, a checkmark should appear next to it and an Actions window should open.
On the Actions window, click the small arrow on the top, right-hand side.
Choose the option, "Load Actions".
Locate the Action you want to use (you can only load one at a time) and click Open.
This will now Load the action for use every time you open the actions Panel
This Action is Mac and PC compatible.
To use your Action (on an open image) you can now, on your layers window, check the box of the action you want to use and hit the Play button on the bottom of your layers window.


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