Constitution & Rules



Constitution and Rules of the Society

These rules regulate the structure, administration and activities of the Pembrey & Burry Port Photographic Society (hereinafter called ‘the Society’).


  • To foster and promote photography in all its aspects, and the furtherance of Photographic Art and Technique by exchanging friendly ideas and mutual assistance among members as well as organising and holding lectures, demonstrations, exhibitions, etc.
  • To provide a forum at which presentations can be made and discussions held on topics of common interest to promote a wide exchange of knowledge and experience
  • To collaborate and co-operate with other individuals or bodies which can help the Society achieve its aims.


  1. Membership is open to all persons interested in photography.
  2. The club is for the enjoyment of all of its membership and because of this, standards of good behaviour, mutual support and courtesy are expected at all times
  3. Membership fees must be paid on or before the last day (or club Meeting) of january of that financial year.
  4. There will be a probationary period of 3 months during the season of september to june for new members. After attending for 3 weeks from first attendance the prospective member will be liable to pay weekly fees.At the end of this probationary period ,if accepted as a member by the committee, yearly membership fees will be due.
  5. The club’s facilities are available to members without discrimination and any fees are set at a level that does not pose a significant obstacle to membership or use of the club’s facilities.
  6. Due to current laws governing children and young people the society is not able to accept minors (under 18 years). The committee will keep the matter under review.
  7. A Member will retain his or her membership until he/she has resigned, or is deemed to have resigned as the result of his/her Society subscription being 2 months or more overdue.
  8. If a member or probationary members behaviour is not consistent with the aims and objectives of the club, or is by 2 or more officials of the club considered to be undesirable or detrimental to the Club, he or she may have a private warning from a club official.
  9. The Committee may terminate the membership and expel any member who, in its opinion, may bring the Society into disrepute. Any member or probationary member that has his/her membership terminated in this way, would be given a refund of yearly subscription for any remaining months of that season.No refund of weekly subscription or other money paid will be returnable. If necessary, the Treasurer can be instructed not to accept that person’s future subscriptions.



The Club's financial year runs from 1st september to 31st August.

Subscriptions will be Due annually on the first Club meeting of September, at a rate agreed in the previous AGM.

The subscriptions will be for:

  • Full Member
  • (Below Subscriptions Removed September 2014)
  • Person not in Employment (Student / Retired / in receipt of benefits)
  • Joint membership (i.e. 2 members of the same family)

New Members admitted between the months of May and August and will be exempt from payment of yearly membership fees for the remainder of the season but not the Weekly Fees.


  1. The affairs of the Society will be managed by a Committee consisting of the Officers of the Society and up to three ordinary members, who will be elected at each AGM.
    In the event of there being less than 15 paid up members at the AGM then clause 1a will apply.
    The Committee will have the power to co-opt / Elect additional members if the need arises. The Committee may, also at its discretion, elect a President who may attend meetings but may not vote in that capacity.
    1a. Whilst the membership at the date of the AGM remains below 15, the Society will form an “all member” committee. A person would have to be a member of the Society for the preceding 12 months to be on the all member committee , once they have been a member,then after which time he/she would automatically become a member of the committee at the next AGM.
    Once the membership increases to 15 or above the Society will revert to an elected and agreed number of committee members.
  2. The Committee will hold office following its election at an AGM until its dissolution at the next AGM.
  3. The Committee will hold and administer for the benefit of the membership all funds, equipment and property owned by the Society.
  4. The Officers will consist of Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Competition Secretary.
  5. Committee members and Officers will remain in post, unless opposed at an AGM.
  6. Members may oppose an existing committee post if a proposer and seconder sponsor them and the secretary receives the nomination before the deadline set before an AGM.
  7. If a committee post is opposed, a ballot will be conducted at the AGM
  8. Committee decisions will be determined by majority vote, with the chairperson having the casting vote.
  9. The Chairperson will normally take the chair at all meetings of the Society and of the Committee at which he/she is present, and his/her decision on matters of procedure will be final. The Chairperson will have a second or casting vote if a situation so requires it.
  10. The Secretary will record the Minutes of all meetings and will conduct the correspondence of the Society. The Minutes of Committee proceedings will be open to inspection by any member who approaches the Secretary to do so.
  11. The Competition Secretary is responsible for conducting the internal print and / or Digital Image competitions listed in the Club programme in accordance to the competition rules. He / she is also responsible for submitting the Club's entries to external competitions.
  12. The Treasurer will be responsible for all monies received or paid on behalf of the Society. All cheque's issued on behalf of the Society will be signed by two out of three nominated Committee members, one of whom will be the Treasurer. At the close of each financial year the Treasurer will prepare for consideration by the Committee a statement of Income and Expenditure to be submitted to the AGM.
  13. Candidates for election to the Committee will be proposed by one fully paid-up member and seconded by another. All Officers and Committee members are eligible for re-election each year at the AGM.
  14. Candidates for election to the offices of Chairperson, Secretary, Competition Secretary and Treasurer will have previously been a fully paid up member of the club or served on the Committee for at least one year.



Annual General Meeting

  1. The Annual General Meeting of 'the Society' will be held in July each year. Notice of the meeting and the Agenda will be advertised on the club website or otherwise transmitted to all paid-up members at least twenty-one days before the meeting.
  2. The Notice will identify those members of the Committee who are standing again and will request nominations for Officers and other members of the Committee. Committee members standing again will be deemed to have been nominated by the Committee.
  3. The Notice of the meeting will also include the text of any motions proposed by or to the Committee. Any member may propose amendments to such motions and may propose any further motions for consideration at the meeting. However, all proposals for consideration must be received in writing by the Secretary at least seven days before the date of the meeting.
  4. The Officers and other members of the Committee will be elected at the meeting by a show of hands or, at the Chairperson’s option, by ballot. If a Nominee stands unopposed, he/she will be deemed to have been elected.
  5. The quorum at an AGM will comprise a minimum of 3 Officers and one third of paid-up members.In the absence of a quorum, the meeting will be adjourned and will be convened again within 21 days. For this adjourned meeting the members of the Club will be notified 14 days in advance. At this adjourned meeting three Officers and any number of members present will be a quorum.
  6. The Agenda at the AGM will include:
  7. Apologies for absence
  8. Minutes of previous AGM
  9. Matters arising
  10. Chairperson’s report
  11. Treasurer’s report
  12. To establish the fees and subscription rates for the following season
  13. Other reports, as relevant
  14. Election of new Committee
  15. Proposals in respect of which due notice has been received
  16. Any other business

Extraordinary General Meeting

  1. An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society may be called at the discretion of the Committee, providing that a simple majority of members then serving on the Committee so request.
  2. Alternatively, the Committee will call an EGM upon receipt of a request to do so signed by no fewer than twenty five per cent of the members of the Society, provided that the request states the reason for the meeting and contains the text of at least one motion proposed for consideration.
  3. The business of an EGM will be that for which it was convened and no other.
  4. Members will be given a minimum of fourteen days' notice of an EGM and the proposals to be made.
  5. A quorum at an EGM will comprise a minimum of 3 Officers and one third of paid-up members.


Voting of any given motion at a general meeting will be by show of hands or by ballot, as the Chairperson may decide, and motions will be carried by the affirmative votes of a simple majority of voting members. In the event of an equality of votes the Chairperson will have a casting vote.


The Committee

  1. The Committee will meet not less than twice a year.
  2. A simple majority of voting Committee members then serving will form a quorum for a meeting provided, however, that no quorum will be formed without the presence of either the Chairperson, Treasurer ,Secretary or the Competition Secretary.
  3. No resolution may be adopted by the Committee unless it has the affirmative votes of a simple majority of those members present and entitled to vote. In the event of an equality of votes the Chairperson will have a casting vote.
  4. Committee vacancies occurring during the year may be filled by co-option, and these co-opted members will have full voting rights.
  5. No member of the society will receive payment directly or indirectly for services to the society other than for legitimate expenses.


  1. The Society may not be dissolved except as the result of a vote taken at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  2. A proposal to dissolve the Society will be subject to a ballot and, in order to be carried, it must receive the affirmative votes of seventy five per cent of the TOTAL paid up members of the Society.
  3. If the dissolution of the Society is voted in accordance with the preceding provisions of this Rule, the Committee will proceed without delay to realise the property of the Society and to discharge the Society's outstanding liabilities. Any net assets remaining will be distributed to another charitable organisation with similar aims.


Amendment Of Rules And Matters Not Covered By Them

  1. These Rules may only be amended by a simple majority of all paid up members at an AGM or EGM convened for that purpose.
  2. The Committee will have the authority to decide any matter not covered by these rules.

Constitution Amended July 2015

Items in Bold and Italic show the changes from the previous version.