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Competition Rules

Competition - Rules

Presentation Prints

Prints must be mounted: the Maximum dimension of the Mount must be 50 cm. x 40 cm. The old standard 20in x 16in. can no longer be accepted.The Maximum ideal IMAGE size should be 40cm. x 30cm.(Closest size in imperial sizes 16" x 12″) if you are Window mounting your image.

If you are mounting the image direct on to the board then you have the Full 50cm. x 40cm.But this is not usually done you usually have some boarder around the image.

Guidance for image printing

when printing your image you have to take into account what you wish to be actually viewable or presented after mounting.

If you are window mounting your print,  to the full size image as taken, and there are items at the edge of your image that you do wish to present on the final image then you can use the window to cover these items.

If you have enlarged a portion of an image and it is printed to what you want to see, this is without any irrelevant items included ,then you need to not print this over the size 40cm. x 30cm.Closest size in imperial sizes 16" x 12″) and also include some white space around your image to alow you to be able to mount this into your window.

This allows you 5cm (2") each side as a border. You can have a Larger boarder if you want ,but a smaller one doesnt look as good. 


All Images Must have a title on the back of the mounted print.

Below is a link to a site that can give a guide to the image sizes that will help decide if you can print these


Also remember that the club has a mount cutter that can be borrowed to help you cut the perfect mount window.

Digital / Electronic Images

All Images Must have a title.The file name should be changed to the name of the image not left for example as DSC_0256.XXX

When sizing an image for projection the only dimensions that matter are the width and height in pixels. Many people feel the need to set the resolution at 72PPI or 96PPI but Pixels Per Inch (or Centimetre) are only relevant when preparing an image to print.
A 1400 pixel x 1050 pixel image at 300 PPI will project identically to a 1400 pixel x 1050 pixel image at 72 PPI.

The maximum dimensions of submitted files is 1400 pixels horizontal by 1050 pixels vertical. (Please note: NOT 1400 pixels vertical).

A 1024 pixel x 768 pixel image will fill the screen on a monitor or projector with the same 1024 x 768 native resolution. Many clubs use such projectors. The PAGB, and many clubs, use projectors with a native resolution of 1400 pixels x 1050 pixels. Provided that organisers ensure, (as they should for maximum quality) that images are not resized by the projection software or device settings, smaller images submitted, such as 1024 x 768, will occupy an area that size in the centre of the larger screen, with the unused area automatically filled with black whilst an image file larger than 1400 x 1050 will be uniformly cropped to fit the 1400 x 1050 area. Anything outside that area will not be displayed.

An alternative is to create an image that exactly fits the native resolution of the
projector. This allows the author to fill the empty space with their own choice of colour and texture - to make it a part of the picture rather than surround it with the default black. You can also create borders and choose where the image will appear on the screen. Perhaps an off centre image looks better?
Learning to size and resize images is fundamental to Digital Imaging and could be considered synonymous with mounting prints.

All images from each competition will then be submitted for the competition with the External judge later in the year.

Internal Competitions using the Members Gallery

PLEASE VOTE ONLINE Use the comments box to enter your score  followed by any constructive comments that may help the author improve the composition.





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